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Tripwire is an ATF licensed Importer, Manufacturer, Dealer and User of Explosive Materials as well as licensed by the Department of State to Export the […]

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Since 2005, Tripwire has provided explosive related training and products to the Department of Defense, many Federal law enforcement agencies and hundreds of State and […]

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Tripwire holds a Federal Firearms License Type 9 with a Class 3 SOT status.  We can provide destructive devices as well as any NFA classified […]

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Tripwire Operations Group is poised to assist the Explosive Detection Canine Handler in all their training and operational needs.  Whether it’s providing top quality LIVE […]


Explosives Division

Tripwire is an ATF licensed Importer, Manufacturer, Dealer and User of Explosive Materials as well as licensed by the Department of State to Export the same. Tripwire holds a Department of Transportation HazMat permit and is a licensed carrier for Hazardous Materials with a fleet of trucks.

The Tripwire Explosives Catalog is designed for first responders, military personnel and corporate entities with the need for energetic materials. The K-9 portion of the catalog has specially designed kits that capture the odors to which the national standards are being established upon.

Tripwire is a distributor for many explosive materials to include but not limited to; detonating cord, detonators, cast boosters, shock tube, safety fuse, electric matches, plastic bonded explosives like C-4, or sheet explosives, Dynamite, TNT, Emulsion, ANFO, Kinepak, TexPak, Watergel and Jet Perforators. Tripwire can provide all the materials and equipment for any range operation to include portable Type II ATF magazines.

The Explosive Sales Division is staffed with only Experienced Explosive Personnel (Active or Retired Bomb Squad Personnel, Commercial Blaster’s, Explosive Breachers).

Tripwire has explosive storage facilities in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Virginia, California, Colorado and Arizona.

Tripwire has both hazardous and non-hazardous explosive scents for K-9 training and testing. All our K-9 training aides are designed with safety, convenience and ease of use.

Customizable training kits available for Explosive Detection K-9 Teams.These kits are designed for the trainer or handler who wants to expose his K-9 to real explosive materials.

For those who can not train with live explosive materials Tripwire has partnered with Scentlogix. ScentLogix is the world’s # 1 non-detonable scent for odor evaluation and training programs.



About Us

Tripwire Operations Group LLC. (Tripwire) is a SBA certified company (small business) that is SAM registered. Tripwire Operations Groups is comprised of First Responders dedicated to First Responders. We believe the most highly trained create a safer America. We prepare military and first responders to protect our country and cities, providing products, training, services and relationships that together no one else provides.

Headquartered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Tripwire is rapidly expanding in both the Government and commercial markets as a leading provider of training, security solutions, and explosive products.

Every employee at Tripwire Operations Group is charged with being a guardian of our Corporate Value System. These values guide both our business and personal relationships, and we take them very seriously. We believe that our dedication to the fundamental tenets of honesty, integrity and fair business dealings will enable us to continue our long legacy of success. We do not claim to be perfect, but we do pledge to try and run our business according to the Value System and correct our actions if we fall short.

We are HONEST in our dealings with others.

We DELIVER what we promise in our business and personal relationships.

We always demonstrate COMMITMENT and DILIGENCE in our efforts.

We are always FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, and have RESPECT for others.

We display TEAMWORK. Team members use terms like “we”, not “I”. “It’s not my job” is not in our vocabulary.

We are FAIR and EVEN-HANDED in our dealings with others.

We have a sense of URGENCY on matters related to the customer.

We “OWN” problems and are always RESPONSIVE.


We are “easy to do business with.”