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They’re now a renowned tactical security training academy. We head up to Pennsylvania to chat with Ryan Morris, the founder of Tripwire Operations Group.

We’ve never seen water used this way. Richard Ryan catches up with the guys at Tripwire Operations Group to get a live demo of their very own binary explosive, TEXPAK.

In case you’ve thought about it. We sit down with Josh Mills, a bomb tech for Tripwire Operations Group, to hear his story, and what his day-to-day is like.

A Bomb Tech Explains Commonly-Used IEDs

This is why you have to take your shoes off. Rated Red’s Richard Ryan stops by Tripwire Operations Group to get an inside look at x-ray machine tactical security training.

Our new hero. We chat with Tripwire Operations Group’s Andy Pottorff, who began his career as an Army sniper, before returning home and becoming an explosives handler.

Don’t worry: They’re professionals. Richard Ryan swings up to Tripwire Operations Group to learn about homemade explosives, and one process used in making them.

We Test Out an RPG Training Device On a Zombie — We’ll let you guess who wins. Richard Ryan joins the guys at Tripwire Operations Group’s tactical security training facility for a little RPG fun.

Take a peak at our new office sign. Richard Ryan swings up to Tripwire Operations Group to use some C4 to make us a new office sign. Here’s how it turned out.

A Quick Rundown of Three Bomb Suits with Tripwire Operations Group.

Richard Ryan swings up to Tripwire Operations Group to don a bomb suit and take RPG fire while riding an ATV.

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