2019 Instructor Roster

This roster is being expanded daily, please check back often!

Jo-Anne Brenner (K9 Medic)

Class Topic: Narcan, and other K9 Airway Hazards

Jo-Anne is the Executive Director and Founder of K9 MEDIC™, the leading multi-disciplinary team of Veterinary, Special Operations, EMS, K-9, SAR and Education experts. Jo-Anne and the K9 MEDIC™ team have taught over 100 agencies domestically and overseas for the past 10 years. She is a frequent speaker across the country, an author for the K9-TECC Working Group, and contributor for ACVECC VetCOT Prehospital Sub-Committee. She brings a broad spectrum of experience to her classes; previously, she deployed to Hurricane Katrina as a Tactical Medic and K9 Handler, hiked across the Arctic Circle, was a former wilderness medicine subject matter expert, an NREMT-I, and certified Protection Specialist. She has been invited to teach a wide range of students from local PD K-9 Handlers to EMS agencies to Pararescue teams. Throughout her multiple education careers, she has taught more than 10,000 students in 14 countries, and in five languages.

Paul Bunker (Chrion-K9)

Class Topic: Training a Canine to Detect Buried Targets

Dedicated, innovative, and performance-focused professional, equipped with comprehensive experience in canine project and operations management, personnel training, validation/assessments and special project development. Recognized as a hardworking and performance-focused leader and team player; equipped with well-defined communication, technical, analytical, problem-solving, and organizational aptitudes. Armed with keen attention to detail and unswerving commitment to the highest standards of professional excellence. Recognized expert in canine training, protocol development and utilization. An Oil Detection Canine Subject Matter Expert.

John Howell (DSA Detection)

Class Topic: Material Discrimination With Portable X-rays

John has worked in the government security and national defense industry for over 27 years. John was formerly with the U.S. Marshals Judicial Security Division where his responsibilities encompassed all aspects of contract oversight (COR/COTR) and training of Court Security Officer at FLETC on screening operations. From 1999-2007, John worked for the Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s Explosive Detection Program and Explosives Countermeasure Unit, as well as a COTR and Program manager of training. From 1987 to 1999, John was an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician with the U.S. Marines. He is a Combat Vet of the first Gulf War. John also served 4 years from 2007-2011 in the Army NG 753 EOD unit as the training NCOIC.

Ryan Morris (Tripwire Operations Group)

Class Topic: Introduction to Homemade Explosive (HME) Formulations

Mr. Morris, the CEO of Tripwire Operations Group is a former bomb squad commander at Penn State University and a former Supervisory Bomb Appraisal Officer with TSA. He is a certified bomb technician and a graduate of the FBI HDS School and has responded to over 1,000 real world employments as an EOD Technician. Mr. Morris is an explosives SME and has been an explosives training instructor for the past 10 years. Mr. Morris is well versed in explosive detection, explosive mitigation, explosives canine operations and currently runs Tripwire Operations Group where he has overseen the training of well over 12,000 first responders and military personnel on IEDs and homemade explosive formulations. 

Lee Palmer (DVM, MS, DACVECC, CCRP, EMT-T, WEMT, NRP, TP-C, Lieutenant Colonel, USAR)

Class Topic: Medical & Physiological Conditions Affecting Olfactory Acuity in EDDs

Dr. Lee Palmer is a board-certified Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarian that provides training and consultation in K9 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (K9 TECC) to military, law enforcement and Search and Rescue (SAR) K9 handlers as well as Tier 1 operators and civilian tactical EMS (TEMS) personnel; He has served in the military since 1996 in both active and reserve status in the roles of a Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and as a veterinarian in the US Army Veterinary Corps.

Jeremy Stafford (Ideal Blasting Supply)

Class Topic: Utilization of Drones and Overview of Drone-Borne IEDs

Jeremy has work within the explosives/blasting industry and EOD/HDS communities for 15+ years (mining, demolition, quarry, major road construction, etc.) As a member of the ISEE and IABTI Jeremy specializes in the use of and training in the newest tools, equipment, and technology available to the explosive industry and Bomb Technicians. Jeremy has a strong professional background, starting with a MBA focused in Management earned from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and extending into Crisis Management, Mineral Exploration, Intelligence Analysis, Disposal, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Jeremy also conducts training for military EOD teams and police bomb squads involving the latest and greatest the community has to offer.