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Tripwire Operations Group, LLC (hereinafter Tripwire) ensures our Product(s) undergo thorough, instrumented testing; the end user(s) dare to exercise extreme caution and follow all standard safety procedures when conducting operations. Due to the ever-changing nature of our specialty, Product(s)s may undergo changes and/or improvements without prior notice. The parties acknowledge and agree that the Product(s) may be hazardous. Tripwire agrees to inform Customer of hazards and precautionary procedures with respect to the handling and transportation of the Product(s) in the form in which the Product(s) is transferred. Customer shall familiarize and keep itself informed of hazards and precautionary procedures with respect to the storage, handling, transportation, use and/or disposal of the Product(s) or Product(s)s made in whole or in part from the Product(s) or the containers in which such Product(s) is shipped. Customer will give adequate instruction for use and warning of hazards and precautionary procedures to all persons that the Customer can reasonably foresee may be exposed to such hazards, including, but not limited to, Customer’s employees, agents and contractors.


All explosive(s) sales are final and may not be returned for exchange, credit, or refunds, unless otherwise specifically agreed upon, in writing, between Tripwire and the Customer(s). Should the Customer(s) request cancellation of an order, prior to the Product(s) leaving the Tripwire facility, cancellation, restocking, and/or additional fees shall apply. Tripwire cannot control price increases by Product(s) manufacturers and/or suppliers; therefore, all prices are subject-to-change without prior notice. We reserve the right to correct all misprints. If Customer(s) financial responsibility becomes unsatisfactory to Tripwire, Tripwire may decline to make further sale(s) and/or deliveries except for cash or satisfactory security. Tripwire may, during any period of increased prices that are not commercially reasonable or shortage, prorate and allocate its supply of affected materials among itself for its own consumption, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, its accepted orders, contract customers and its regular customers not then under contract in such manner as Tripwire determines to be fair and reasonable. In no event shall Tripwire be obligated to purchase any materials (including energy) in the marketplace to satisfy its obligations hereunder. Tripwire may, during any period of materially increased cost assess a surcharge in an amount deemed fair and reasonable by Tripwire. Tripwire reserves the right to refuse sales and/or service to any person(s), for any reason(s), in accordance with applicable law(s). 


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All photos are examples only.
Actual product may vary in appearance or packaging.
As a standard, single items are packaged in a manner to satisfy K9 scent contamination requirements – other packaging options are available upon request.

Detonating cord is a universal high-explosive used for a wide variety of applications to create explosive effects and build reliable charges. It is initiated with military or commercial detonators and detonates along its entire length at a velocity of approximately 23,000 fps. Our detonating cord contains a PETN core unless otherwise annotated (we also offer RDX cord). We offer detonating cord in a variety of sizes and lengths.

• 10DETB | Strand = 100 Feet: $100.00
• 10DETS | Spool = 3,280 Feet: $1,050.00

• 15DETB | Strand = 100 Feet: $100.00
• 15DETS | Spool = 3,280 Feet: $1,050.00

• 25DETB | Strand = 100 Feet: $100.00
• 25DETS | Spool = 2,460 Feet: $975.00

• 40DETB | Strand = 100 Feet: $105.00
• 40DETS | Spool = 1,640 Feet: $850.00

• 50DETB | Strand = 100 Feet: $125.00
• 50DETS | Spool = 1,640 Feet: $695.00

• 80DETB | Strand = 100 Feet: 175.00
• 80DETS | Spool = 500 Feet: $875.00
• 80DETRDX | RDX Cord | Strand = 25 Feet: $92.50

• 100DETB | Strand = 100 Feet: $150.00
• 100DETS | Spool = 820 Feet: $695.00

• 200DETB | Strand = 100 Feet: $195.00
• 200DETS | Spool = 492 Feet: $695.00

• 400DETB | Strand = 100 Feet: $475.00
• 400DETS | Spool = 328 Feet: $900.00

BUNDLE (Contains 10 Foot Strands of Each Size)
• K9-DET-BUNDLE | Detonating Cord Bundle = $450.00


We offer C-4 in two (2) varieties, block and bulk. The M112 Demolition Block consists of 1.25 pounds of C-4, pressed into a rectangular block and packaged in a compact, easy to handle, easy to transport, shrink-wrapped, plastic envelope with a self-adhesive backing.

Bulk C-4 is simply C-4 that is not pressed into a shape or pre-determined packaging.

C-4 detonates with a velocity of approximately 26,000 fps and is approximately 91% RDX.

• HE-C4-M112-1 | M112 Block, Single, 1.25 Pound = $97.50
• HE-C4-M112 | M112 Block, Case, 40 Each = $3,750.00
• HE-C4-BULK-1 | Bulk (loose), 1 Pound = $75.00
• HE-C4-BULK| Bulk (loose), Case, 60 Pound = $4,275.00


Sheet explosives are a flexible, waterproof, PETN-based plastic explosive, which is available in a variety of thicknesses. Sheet explosives are equally as powerful as a C-4 explosive but, because of its consistent performance and properties, blast damage can be minimized by the exact cutting of the sheet.

• SHEETA | 1 Pound = $125.00
• SHEETB | Roll, 20 Pound = $2,350.00

• SHEETC | 1 Pound = $130.00
• SHEETD | Roll, 20 Pound = $2,425.00

• SHEETE | 1 Pound = $135.00
• SHEETF | Roll, 20 Pound = $2,500.00


We offer SEMTEX in two varieties: SEMTEX 1A, which is comprised primarily of PETN and SEMTEX 1H, which is primarily comprised of PETN and RDX.

• SEMTEX-A | Single Block (500 Gram) = $600.00
• SEMTEX-H | Single Block (500 Gram) = $600.00

Cast boosters are detonator or detonating cord sensitive, high-density/high-energy molecular explosives that are available in a variety of sizes that are designed to optimize initiation of booster-sensitive explosives. Manufactured with an internal through-tunnel and detonator well for application with either electric, fuse or shock tube detonators. Formulated from primarily PETN, TNT and other high explosive materials. Cast boosters detonate at a velocity of approximately 24,800 fps.

90 GRAM (3.2 OZ)
• CB90-1 | Single Booster, 1 Each = $6.50
• CB-90 | Pack, 10 Each = $62.00

226 GRAM (8 OZ)
• CB200-1 | Single Booster, 1 Each = $15.75
• CB-200 | Pack, 10 Each = $150.00

350 GRAM (12 OZ)
• CB350-1 | Single Booster, 1 Each = $18.50
• CB-350 | Pack, 10 Each = $175.00

450 GRAM (16 OZ)
• CB450-1 | Single Booster, 1 Each = $21.25
• CB-450 | Pack, 10 Each = $202.00

We offer a dynamite that is an extra gelatin dynamite formulated to consistently deliver high detonation velocity and excellent water resistance. This dynamite detonates at a velocity of approximately 17,400 fps and measures 1 1/4″ x 8″ in standard size.

• HE-DY-1 | Single Cartridge (Stick) = $67.50
• HE-DY | Case, 88 Cartridge = $435.00

We offer detonator and detonating cord sensitive, all-purpose, water resistant, packaged emulsion explosive cartridges (sticks) that detonate at a velocity of approximately 15,400 fps. This item measures 1 1/4″ x 8″ in standard size.

• HE-EM-1 | Single Cartridge (Stick) = $67.50
• HE-EM | Case, 40 Pound = $600.00

Flaked version of the famous traditional cast trinitrotoluene. This yellow, solid material is best known as an explosive material with convenient handling properties. The explosive yield of TNT is considered to be the standard measure (benchmark) against which all other explosive materials is measured. TNT detonates at a velocity of approximately 22,000 fps.

• HE-TNT-1 | 1 Pound = $67.50
• HE-TNT | Case, 45 Pound = $995.00

Flaked version of traditional cast Comp-B, which consists of a mixture of RDX and TNT.

• HE-COMPB-1 | Flake, 1 Pound = $67.50
• HE-COMPB | Flake, Case, 50 Pound = $1,150.00

Flaked version of traditional HMX, also known as octogen. HMX is a powerful and relatively insensitive nitroamine high explosive that is chemically similar to RDX.

• HE-HMX-1 | Flake, 1 Pound = $85.00
• HE-HMX | Flake, Case, 60 Pound = $4,250.00

2,4,6-Trinitrophenylmethylnitramine commonly referred to as tetryl (C7H5N5O8) is an explosive compound used to make detonators and explosive booster charges. Tetryl is a nitramine booster explosive, though its use has been largely superseded by RDX. Tetryl is a sensitive secondary high explosive used as a booster, a small charge placed next to the detonator in order to propagate detonation into the main explosive charge.

• HE-TETRYL-1 | 1 Pound = $1,000.00
• HE-TETRYL-1 | 1/2 Pound = $500.00
• HE-TETRYL-1 | 1/4 Pound = $250.00

We offer Detagel™, which is a high strength Hexamine Nitrate, slurry water gel. Detonator sensitive yet withstands standard drop weight and friction tests. Produces high shattering effect, high brisance and gas volume. This product has a detonation velocity of approximately 16,200 fps. Detagel™ is sized at approximately 1 1/4″ x 8″.

• HE-WG-1 | Single Cartridge (Stick) = $67.50
• HE-WG | Case, 55 Pound = $750.00

ANFO is a nominal 94:6 (wt.%) blend of porous ammonium nitrate prills and fuel oil. It is a dry, free flowing explosive; formulated to ensure the appropriate oxygen balance providing optimal energy and sensitivity.

• HE-ANFO-1 | Prill, 1 Pound = $67.50
• HE-ANFO | Bag, 50 Pound = $125.00

Perforators, “oil well” or “jet”, are a charge that uses a small amount of high explosives and a carefully shaped case and liner to create a focused pressure punch that is highly effective in piercing steel, cement, and rock. The perforators we offer are filled with an RDX based main charge.

• HE-CS1910 | Single, 1 Perforator, 19 Gram, 3 3/8″ = $65.00
• HE-CS1920 | Case, 50 Perforator, 19 Gram, 3 3/8″ = $1,250.00

• K9-RDX | RDX-A5 Powder, 1 Pound = $150.00
• K9-BP | Black Powder, 1 Pound = $55.00
• K9-SP | Smokeless Powder, Single Base, 1 Pound =$67.50
• K9-SPDB | Smokeless Powder, Double Base, 1 Pound = $67.50
• K9-PY | Pyrodex®, 1 Pound = $67.50
• K9-ANP | Ammonium Nitrate, Prill, 1 Pound = $67.50
• K9-PTC | Potassium Chlorate, 1 Pound = $95.00
• K9-APC | Ammonium Perchlorate, 1 Pound = $95.00
• K9-SCT | Sodium Chlorate, 1 Pound = $95.00
• K9-CAN | Calcium Ammonium Nitrate, 1 Pound = $100.00
• K9-NM | Nitromethane, 99.9%, 4 Ounces = $75.00

We offer detonators and electric matches (squibs) of varying lengths and delays in different formats.


Shock Tube (NONEL™) detonators consist of a length of orange shock tube, with a standard #8 detonator attached to one end and the other end is sealed.

• ND-12 | 12 Foot, Instant, Case, 60 Each = $440.00
• ND-12A| 12 Foot, Instant, Single, 1 Each = $7.50

• ND-16 | 16 Foot, Instant, Case, 45 Each = $440.00
• ND-16A | 16 Foot, Instant, Single, 1 Each = $10.00

• ND-20 | 20 Foot, Instant, Case, 60 Each = $675.00
• ND-20A | 20 Foot, Instant, Single, 1 Each = $12.00

• ND-30 | 30 Foot, Instant, Case, 40 Each = $530.00
• ND-30A | 30 Foot, Instant, Single, 1 Each = $14.00

• ND-40 | 40 Foot, Instant, Case, 30 Each = $445.00
• ND-40A | 40 Foot, Instant, Single, 1 Each = $15.50

• ND-60A | 60 Foot, Instant, Single, 1 Each = $22.50
(Additional Lead Time May Be Required)

• ND-80A | 80 Foot, Instant, Single, 1 Each = $24.75 (Additional Lead Time May Be Required)


Electric (M6) detonators are a zero (0) delay, instant detonator with an aluminum housing. Lead wires are a standard 12 feet in length and insulated with a superior polyolefin material, which offers excellent resistance to cuts, abrasions, oil, low temperature and high humidity, as well as other harsh environments in various rugged applications.

• ED-12 | Case, 25 Each = $210.00
• ED-12A | Single, 1 Each = $9.00


Non-electric (M7) fuse type detonators consist of an aluminum allow cup containing an ignition charge, an intermediate charge and base charge. When initiated by time fuse, primer or detonating cord, the ignition charge detonates the intermediate charge, which then detonates the base charge that initiates the primary explosive charge.

• FUSE | Case, 90 Each = $475.00
• FUSE-A | Single, 1 Each = $5.50


Electric Matches (E-Matches or Squibs) are miniature explosive device used in a wide range of industries, from special effects to military applications. These consist of two electrical leads which are separated by a plug of insulating material, a small bridge wire or electrical resistance heater, and a bead of heat-sensitive chemical composition in which the bridge wire is embedded.

• MS-25 | Case, 25 Each = $125.00
• MS-25A | Single, 1 Each = $5.25


Shock tube is a small diameter, three-layer plastic tube coated on the innermost wall with a reactive explosive compound. When initiated, shock tube propagates a low energy signal, similar to a dust explosion, at approximately 6,500 fps along the tube’s length with minimal disturbance to the outside of the tube.

• HE-ST1 | Spool, 1 Each (2,500 feet) = $330.00
• HE-ST2 | Spool, 2 Each (2 x 2,500 feet) = $575.00


Time or safety fuse is a heritage linear textile and pyrotechnic cord used to create a time delay. Due to confinement of a center core of black powder, time fuse burns at a nominal rate of 40 seconds per foot (130 seconds per meter). The output of time fuse is a notable spit of flame and burning particles. This spit is what initiates the sensitive ignition powders found in fuse caps.

• K9-SF | Strand, 25 Feet = $57.50
• MS-FS | Strand, 100 Feet = $225.00


The M81 igniter is used to ignite a cord that carries a detonation charge to initiate shock tube or time fuse blasting caps. To use, simply pull back the firing pin and the spring tension created forces the pin forward with enough force to set off the primer when the firing pin is released. The primer then ignites the cord, shock tube, or time fuse secured in the end of the igniter.

• IG-M81 | Package, 5 Each = $225.00


The Pull-Friction (Cardboard) type igniter is a non-electric, pull-string, friction style fuse igniter. This igniter functions by manually pulling a combustible mixture through a high-friction compression area, which ignites the combustible mixture, starting the fuse.

• IG-FUSE | Single, 1 Each = $4.00


209 primers are used in various NONEL (non-electric blasting) initiators. They will work in mushroom starters, dual EOD starters, pen type, and various others.

• BA-PR | Package, 100 Each = $10.00


Tripwires’ exclusive binary explosive, Texpak®, is formulated to produce high velocities and high detonation pressures when detonated (21,000 FPS). Texpak® requires no magazine or special storage facilities and can be transported on the same vehicle with most other materials used in blasting, including 1.4 detonators. Thus, the high cost associated with transport, storage and use of explosive is eliminated. Texpak® does not have to be stored or transported as an explosive according to 49 CFR. Excellent as a booster or column charge, or for use in secondary blasting, agriculture, demolition, industrial cleaning, bomb disposal, oil wells, ditching, trenching, and most applications which any other explosive is used. Each case contains 12 total pounds of energetic material (1/2 pound each x 24 cartridges). The benefits of Texpak® include instant mixing, no magazine storage required prior to mixing, shipped via common carrier (FedEx Ground), no nitroglycerin headaches, waterproof housing and high-velocity/high-gas volume.

• TEXPAK1-5 | 1 to 5 Case = $250.00 Each
• TEXPAK 6-10 | 6 to 10 Case = $225.00 Each
• TEXPAK10+ | 10 or More Case = $200.00 Each

NEXGEN K9 KIT $3,595.00

Tripwire Operations Group designed and created the original live (real) material explosive detection K9 training kit in 2005 and has since delivered thousands of our custom kits to law enforcement and military units around the globe. We aim to continuously improve upon the kit, with input from our extensive clientele, which has brought us to the latest generation of our kit.

Unmatched Design

Our custom-cut polyethylene foam inserts have a “closed-cell structure” that makes it virtually impermeable to water and highly resistant to odor transmission. 

Unsurpassed Quality

Prior to being placed in our custom-designed hard-storage case, each and every product is handled using approved FBI evidence handling techniques and packaged in LOKSAK™ brand OPSAK® odor and vapor proof barrier bags, which eliminates the potential for the cross contamination of odors.

Unrivaled Production

Many have tried, but none have been able to successfully replicate our methods and products. Whether our top-notch materials and scents or our U.S. Department of Transportation approved EX Number*, there is no equivalent explosive training kit designed specifically for K9 teams available anywhere else.

Unparalleled Variety

Every K9 kit contains over 20 target materials (scents), including military and commercial products, as well as homemade explosives (HME) precursors.


The safety and security of our nation’s citizens, cargo and critical infrastructure is paramount, and our explosives detection CSSP-K9 STP Kit allows third-party canine-cargo (3PK9-C) teams to provide required services to ensure the required safety and security by screening air cargo to TSA’s standards. This kit affords currently certified teams the ability to conduct reoccurring proficiency training as often as desired and provides an irreplaceable tool that can aid in the preparation of non-certified teams for the certification process. 

The CSSP-K9 STP Kit contains live-explosive material in forms, which cover the full-spectrum of detection categories required per Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandates. To ensure the scent integrity of all items, we handle every product according to approved FBI evidence handling techniques and package materials in OPSAK® odor and vapor proof barrier bags and Teflon® coated glass containers with lids to eliminate the potential for cross-contamination.

The contents of this kit have been deemed Sensitive Security Information (SSI), please contact us for details.


Homemade explosive (HME) use is growing world-wide and according to various intelligence sources, there are a handful of precursors that are most often associated or found in conjunction with HME and HME production facilities. Our precursor kit contains six (6) of the most prevalent precursor materials that may be encountered during the performance of K-9 search operations. Contains One (1) Pound Each: Potassium Chlorate, Potassium Perchlorate, Potassium Nitrate, Hexamine, Flake Aluminum and Sulfur.


The Tripwire Odor Imprint Device (TOID) serves as a training aid for explosive detection K9 teams, which offers real explosive odors but DO NOT present an explosive hazard. These are non-controlled items that require no licensing or special storage. The TOID has been designed to be an inexpensive, long-lasting, and unregulated alternative to live explosive training aids.

The TOID is designed with a laboratory grade filter medium, which contains microscopic odor particulates that have been embedded through a proprietary process, that is permanently sealed between two (2) aluminum discs utilizing rivets while using zero adhesive material. Our devices are prepared and packaged in accordance with FBI safe-handling techniques to prevent cross-contamination.

The TOID has been extensively tested by third-party agencies and results have shown that the scent remains active for approximately four (4) months under normal use and realistic conditions.

​TOIDs are packaged and shipped in patented and state-of-the-art OPSAK® odor barrier bags by LOKSAK®. These resealable polybags boast of a hermetic seal and are certified waterproof to 200 feet (60 meters). Any item placed inside the OPSAK® bag remains impervious to the elements and retained to the highest degree. The OPSAK® bag offers an absolute airtight seal preventing the re-entry or release of air and microorganisms, therefore minimizing breakdown and decomposition.

TOIDs are made-to-order and can be customized to contain any explosive order of your choosing. We currently offer C-4, Sheet Explosive (PETN-based), Semtex A & H, Dynamite, Emulsion, TNT, Comp-B, HMX, Tetryl, ANFO, and RDX.

Each disk measures 3” in diameter and 0.25” thick.


• Duke D80/ESI Combo Blasting Machine | CONTACT US
• Manual/Hand Starter Device | CONTACT US
• Dual Shock Tube Manual Initiator | CONTACT US
• Blasting Wire, 18-Gauge Duplex, Spool (1,000 Feet) | $125.00
• Detonating Cord Connectors (25/50 Grain), Bag, 50 Each = $40.00
• Shock Tube Splice Material | 1 Foot = $3.00
• Tip Ends for Det Cord (50 & 80 GR/FT) or Time Fuse | 2-Pack = $5.00


Day Box – Small (TW-MAG-S) = $550.00
• Type III Storage, Day Box, Meets ATF Requirements
• Outside Dimensions: 16″L x 14.5″W x 9.5”H
• Does Not Include ATF Approved Lock

Day Box – Medium (TW-MAG-M) = $1350.00
• Type III Storage, Day Box, Meets ATF Requirements
• Outside Dimensions: 24″L x 18″W x 12”H
• Does Not Include ATF Approved Lock

Magazine – Large (TW-MAG-L) = $1,650.00
• Type II Indoor Storage Magazine – Fits Most Police SUV’s
• Meets ATF Requirements
• Two (2) Integrated Locks
• Weighs Approx. 175 Pound
• Outside Dimensions: 33.75”L x 25.5” W x 17.25”H

LOKSAK® OPSAK® Odor Barrier Bags
• 7″x7″ | Single = $2.25
• 9″x10″ | Single = $3.50
• 12″x20″ | Single = $5.25

Glass Jar w/ Teflon™ Coated Lid
• 9 Ounce | Case, 12 Each = $55.00
• 12 Ounce | Case, 12 Each = $57.50
• 16 Ounce | Case, 12 Each = $62.50

How do I order explosives?

Although our entire inventory of live explosive materials can be viewed online, they cannot be purchased that easily. Once you’ve reviewed our lineup and have decided on what you would like to order, please follow the steps listed below according to your usage:

Government Agency
(NO Federal Explosive License Required)

1) Email us HERE (josh.mills@tripwireops.org), from an official email address, requesting a quote for the items you would like (please remember to actually list the items).

2) You will receive the requested information typically in 24-48 hours.

3) If you decided to place the order, please email us HERE (josh.mills@tripwireops.org), include your quote number, request the purchase, and an invoice will be generated and sent to you.

4) Email us HERE (josh.mills@tripwireops.org) or call +1-814-644-3686 to arrange pickup or delivery of your products.

Private Entity
(Federal Explosive License REQUIRED)

1) Email HERE (josh.mills@tripwireops.org), from a corporate address, requesting a quote for the items you would like (please remember to actually list the items). Include a current copy of your Federal Explosive License (FEL), if you haven’t previously ordered from us, or need to renew your license on file.

2) In your email briefly describe what you intend to purchase, list their intended use, and list the END USER.

3) You will receive the requested information typically in 24-48 hours.

4) If you decided to place the order, please email HERE (josh.mills@tripwireops.org), include your quote number, request the purchase, and an invoice will be generated and sent to you.

5) Email HERE (josh.mills@tripwireops.org) or call +1-814-644-3686 to arrange pickup or delivery of your products.

Can I pick up my explosives?

Yes, you are able to pick up your order, granted you’re legally able to do so. Please scheduled your pick up with as much lead time as possible (we will do our very best to accommodate emergency and short-notice requests). Email HERE (josh.mills@tripwireops.org) or call +1-814-644-3686 to arrange pickup. Picking up your order is free-of-charge. Also, if you choose to pick up your order and you have an extensive travel distance, you’re welcome to lodge at the Tripwire facility, for FREE,(dormitory style – not the Hilton®) overnight as a cost saving measure for your agency and a small token of our appreciation for choosing us.

Do you ship explosives?

Yes, your order can be delivered directly to you. The additional fees for shipping and handling will be added to your quote/invoice. We will combine, when possible, items for shipment/delivery to provide you with the lowest possible cost. For orders that contain 1.1B and/or 1.1D, as classified by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), explosives, your order will be delivered by our on-site transportation fleet, or you may choose to arrange pickup and delivery with a specialized carrier, which will incur significant charges. If possible, it is advised to arrange for the pickup of these items, as they cannot be shipped by air.

In addition to our on-site delivery fleet, we utilize FedEx (Ground and Freight) to transport explosive materials, which have been classified as 1.4B, 1.4D, 1.4S and binary products.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept government purchase cards, purchase orders/checks, and all major credit cards. All payments are due at receipt of product unless previously agreed upon and authorized by Tripwire Operations Group. Pennsylvania sales tax will be added where applicable.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do offer several discounts for repeat customers, etc. Please contact us for specific details.

Do you accept returned or unserviceable explosives?

In most cases, yes, however, it would be best to contact us regarding the specific situation.