Tripwire Operations Group, LLC is an ATF licensed importer, exporter, manufacturer and dealer of explosive materials and detonatorsfor explosives. Tripwire provides all properly licensed professionals with explosive materials and detonators for sale in the amounts that are specifically required. As an ATF licensed explosive materials manufacturer, importer, exporter and dealer, Tripwire has a wide range of explosive products to offer, including our custom kits. Our explosives are sold, delivered, and utilized by law enforcement, military, first responders, and private contractors throughout the nation and across the globe for various operations including, but not limited to: detection K9 imprinting; tactical explosive breaching; bomb squad/EOD disposal & C-IED operations; mining & demolition efforts; various training curriculums for local, state, and federal agencies.

Additionally, we offer inert training devices and other products, as well as various services to meet your needs and maximize your operating effectiveness. The catalog can be viewed below, or you may download/print the PDF by CLICKING HERE.