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Explosive Products

Explosive Products to Fit Your Needs and Budget

Tripwire Operations Group is committed to offering high-quality, affordable explosive materials to the Law Enforcement Professionals and Military Personnel who strive to keep America safe and secure — we’re a team of First Responders dedicated to serving other First Responders. We can provide your department or agency with the opportunity to purchase explosive products in quantities that suit your needs and fit your budget.

Please see our catalog for some of  the explosive products we sell. Click on the image for a viewable catalog on your computer.


Complete Line of Explosive Products for Sale

Tripwire offers:

  • Explosive Detection Kits for Sale – All-inclusive explosive detection kits that are ideal for vehicle inspections, checkpoint screening, package inspections and more.
  • Detonating Cords for Sale – Detonating Cords of varying lengths, which can also be customized to your specific applications.
  • Detonators for Sale – a wide selection of Detonators/Cast Boosters for sale, including Shock Tube Caps, Electric Caps and more.
  • Shock Tubes for Sale – a variety of Shock Tubes and materials, as well as an assortment of plastic bonded explosives for sale.
  • Detonator Sensitive Products for Sale – Tripwire is your best resource for detonator sensitive products such as Emulsion, Kinepak and Watergel, and we also offer Jet Perforators for sale in various sizes and weights.
  • Blasting Accessories for Sale – a large selection of blasting accessories and blasting agents for sale such as primers and starters for Shock Tube, Green Detonating Cord Connectors, AN Prill, ANFO and more.

Take a Closer Look at Our Complete Explosive Product Inventory

Browse our catalog to learn more about all of our explosive products currently available for sale. You’ll also find useful information regarding ordering, shipping and payment options, and much more. Don’t forget about our low price guarantee where we will match or beat any price offered by our competitors.

Tripwire: Proudly owned and operated by first responders for first responders. We also offer inert products, K-9 products, explosives training, homeland security training and much more.


Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Feb/March 2015 Tripwire Article

Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Feb/March 2015 Tripwire Article

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Text Version Below:




by DonalD J. Mihalek


Providing toptier products and training for EOD operators and more!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, was the scene of the most climatic battle of the Civil War.

During this conflict, over 90,000 Union and 70,000 Confederate troops met in what would be the turning point of that great conflict. That battle saw each side receive over 23,000 casu- alties. On the third day of the battle, at around 1:00 p.m., 150 to 170 Confederate guns began an artillery bombardment of the Union lines in what was perhaps the largest of the war. In short order, 80 Union cannons answered that bombardment until 3:00 p.m. When the cannon fire subsided, 12,500 Confederate soldiers stepped from the ridgeline and advanced the three quarters of a mile to Cemetery Ridge in what is known to history as “Pickett’s Charge.” The Confederates suffered a casualty rate over 50 percent, losing over 6,000 men, many of whom were lost to Union cannon fire.

For a location revered in the annals of his- tory as the pivotal moment that changed the prospects for the war, due in large part to the amount of explosives used on the battlefield, it seems appropriate to house an explosives business there. Tripwire Operations Group is proud to call Gettysburg home.

First responders

Tripwire Operations Group is a company founded and run by first responders who are dedicated to ensuring that first responders have all the training and skills necessary to keep America safe. The staff at Tripwire believes that “the most highly trained create a safer America.”

Tripwire provides a full range of services for first responders and those tasked with protecting people. These services include a research, de velopment and evaluation division, an explosives sales and training division, K9 training and its new special effects division. If a first responder needs it, Tripwire might be able to provide it.

Firearms & more

Tripwire holds a Class 3 ATF license allowing the company to create and manufacture different variations of firearms for first responders.

Explosives and guns go hand in hand, and Group offers training in both to help first responders save lives.

Some of the unique items Tripwire has created include the Posi-Lock Chassis, fitted to the Remington 700 action, which was designed from the ground up for stability and adaptability. It weighs only 3.06 pounds and accepts the LEAP stock or any collapsible AR-15 stock. It’s also customizable with AR-15 trigger guards and grips. The body of the chassis incorporates two integral Picatinny rail sections. The one at the forward end of the chassis is intended for a bipod as well as a 3-inch-wide block for F Class bench shooters. For a hunting chassis you could attach a sling swivel. This stock also features an integrated magazine well that accepts magazines from Accuracy International and Accurate Mag. The chassis is machined to 0.03 inches of linear movement for the bolt, so the recoil lug will make a positive lock against the lug wall, and the surface has been hardcoat anodized per military specifications, making it stable and abrasion resistance.

The LEAP stock from Tripwire is made in the U.S.A. and is the one of the lightest, ergonomic, adjustable precision stocks I found on the market to date. The stock is made entirely of 6061-T6 aluminum with a military grade hard coat anodizing. At only 28 ounces overall and 70 percent of the weight at the shoulder end of the buffer tube, the LEAP stock can offer better balance for longer and heavier barrels.


Tripwire is one of the few ATF licensed explosive materials manufacturers, importers, exporters and dealers in the country. Tripwire’s catalog includes detonators and detonating cord, shock tube, safety fuse, cast boosters, electric matches, plastic bonded explosives, dynamite, TNT, jet perforators, Watergel, Kinepak, TexPak, ANFO and explosive range materials and equipment. These materials go hand in hand with Tripwire’s extensive explosives training offerings, which include training for explosives use and handling, explosives detection, explosives breaching and K9 handler explosive detection.

Sehoy Tactical

In addition to Tripwire’s extensive train- ing facility in Gettysburg, Tripwire has part- nered with Sehoy Tactical, which offers 25,000 acres of diverse training grounds. On this training compound is a 1-mile airstrip certified for planes as large as a C-130 as well two aircraft hangars capable of housing one large and several small aircraft/UAVs. Sehoy also has a 440-acre, deep water lake capable of accommodating waterborne operations from water landings, airborne training and recovery operations to diving certifications. Sehoy has numerous large open areas suitable for small to medium scale airborne, military free-fall and pathfinder operations. Sehoy also offers accommodations for tests and evaluations on almost any scales.

Since 2005, Tripwire has provided explosives-related training and products to the Department of Defense, many federal law enforcement agencies and hundreds of state and local government agencies. Some of the company’s key clients include the U. S. Department of Defense, the ATF, the FBI, the Secret Service, the Virginia State Police and the New Jersey State Police. Combined, Tripwire has over 100 years of experience in law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical service, hazmat, SWAT/SRT, corporate security and bomb squad functions. This is why over 10,000 first responders have come to Tripwire to ensure that have what they need to best protect America. For more information, visit tripwireops.org or call 888-330-7015.


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Blaster’s App is an all-in-one tool for professional explosives engineers. The app contains the calculators and tools a master blaster needs to be fast and productive on the job. Save time, gain accuracy and get the job done in minutes instead of hours!

Custom Calculators
Each calculator uses the app’s custom keypad to make data entry quick and easy. Common blasting calculations are done in seconds without second guessing your accuracy. Save your calculation to a current project or review past results from the LOAD screen. Tap the ? within any Blaster’s App calculator for more information about each calculator’s equations and functionality. Choose US/Imperial or Metric units.
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Calculators include:
• Ground Vibration Prediction
• Airblast Prediction
• Powder Factor
• Explosives Per Borehole
• Rock Per Borehole
• Scaled Distance
• Borehole Angle Drift Tools include:
• Borehole Layout
• Links to Online Blasting Resources
• Compass
• Level
• Timer
Borehole Layout
The “Borehole Lay out” system makes the tedious task of laying out a job’s boreholes as easy as dragging your finger to connect the holes and assign your custom delays. It allows blasters to lay out their hole design and timing in seconds rather than hours. Share your layout with your team or print it by exporting it from the app. Exported layouts can then be imported on another device running Blaster’s App or printed out to share with your team or inspectors. It’s that easy.

Store Projects
Blaster’s App contains a project system that allows for the storage of all calculations and layouts associated to any job. Set GPS coordinates for your projects and the app will automatically look them up when you arrive on site and use that location’s project by default.

Pressure Cooker

IED Subscription Plan

IED Subscription ProgramFor more information please contact us below:

So much more than just a training aid, our custom K9 training aids are visually and x-ray correct. They also contain our exclusive “scent cavity” in which live explosive material or pseudo scent may be placed. Combining all these factors into a single training aid provides the K9 with a complete sight-picture for maximum training effectiveness.

Contact us for our IED subscription plan!




Tripwire Odor Recognition Test (ORT) Kit

Tripwire Operations Group is proud to introduce the all new Tripwire Odor Recognition Test (ORT) Kit. Tripwire has created and patented a K-9 explosive kit specially designed for the National Odor Recognition Test. The kit consists of 144 vials, each individually marked, which contain 90 grams of explosive material thereby enabling the trainer/handler to use 1 vial of pre-measured explosives per test. 9 complete tests may be conducted with one kit.

The kit also contains 16 “Expended” glass jars for any and all used/contaminated explosives providing the trainer with the ability to control and account for all explosive materials.

The Odor Recognition Kits are carefully filled and measured in Tripwire Operations Group state of the art Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation lab to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination.

Price: $2995.

New Kit 1





TEXPAK is formulated to produce high velocities and high detonation pressures when detonated.

  • All liquid binary explosive can be placed in any vesel, not just the plastic cartridge
  • – Mixes in seconds, arms instantaneously
  • – No magazine storage required prior to arming
  • – No Nitroglycerine; no headaches
  • – Water-proof package
  • – High velocity, high gas volume
  • – Velocity of detonation = 21,000 fps
  • TEXPAK – case / 24ea. Part A and Part B; each 1/2 lb cartridge is 1.375″x8″

For prices please see our Catalog or call 888.330.7015.


Blasting Agents (1.5)

Blasting Agents we currently have on hand (Not all inclusive)

  • – AN Prill / 35 lb bag
  • – ANFO / 50 lb bag
  • – Emulsion / 25 lb bucket
  • – Emulsion / 50 lb bucket
  • – Watergel
  • – Dynamite

For prices please see our Catalog or call 888.330.7015.


Jet Perforators (1.4S/D or B)

We can supply your agency with any size perforator. Contact us with your specific requirements.

  • – Perforator 4 inch RDX based / 19 gram / qty 10 per box
  • – Perforator 4 inch RDX based / 19 gram / qty 50 per box
  • – Perforator 3.375 inch RDX based / 25 gram / qty 10 per box
  • – Perforator 3.375 inch RDX based / 25 gram / qty 50 per box

For prices please see our Catalog or call 888.330.7015.


Detonator Sensitive Products

  • – Dynamite-Dyno 1.25″x8″ / Qty 88 per case
  • – Dynamite-Dyno 1.25″x8″ / 10 count
  • – Flake TNT / 10 lb case
  • – COMP B / 10 lb case
  • – Emulsion / 10 lb
  • – Kinepak Bonary Explosives 1.25″x7″ plastic cartridges / qty 96 per case
  • – Detagel (Watergel) 1.5″x8″ cartridges / 55 lbs per case

For prices please see our Catalog or call 888.330.7015.


Plastic Bonded Explosives

  • – C-4 Blocks / 1.25lb blocks / Qty 32 per case
  • – C-4 Blocks / 1.25lb blocks / Qty 10 per case
  • – C-4 Block Individual / 1.25 lb block
  • – C-4 BULK case (not blocks) / 40 lb
  • – C-4 BULK lb (not blocks) / 1 lb
  • – 1mm or 1.5mm Sheet Explosive / 1 lb roll
  • – 1mm or 1.5mm Sheet Explosive / 20 lb roll
  • – 2mm or 3mm Sheet Explosive / 1 lb roll
  • – 2mm or 3mm Sheet Explosive / 20 lb roll

For prices please see our Catalog or call 888.330.7015.


Detonating Cord (1.4D)

Need a specific length of detonating cord? We will ship you exactly what you need.

NOTE: Britacord is marked at each meter interval directly on the cord with a traceability code and a number indicating the amount of cord left on the spool. This removes any guesswork out of a partial spool usage and aids greatly in inventory management.


  • – 10 Grain / 1000m
  • – 18 Grain / 1000m
  • – 25 Grain / 750m
  • – 40 Grain / 500m
  • – 50 Grain / 500m
  • – 80 Grain / 305m
  • – 100 Grain / 250m
  • – 200 Grain / 150m
  • – 400 Grain / 100m

For prices please see our Catalog or call 888.330.7015.

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