K-9 Products

K-9 Training Products

Tripwire Operations Group can meet the K-9 unit training needs of First Responder, Law Enforcement and Military personnel. In addition to our K9 police dog training services, we also provide a host of affordable K-9 equipment options that will enable you to train your animals safely and effectively. Tripwire’s canine training products include inert training aids, K9 explosive detection training kits, IEDs and more. We can even take back and dispose of your old canine training aids, as well as provide a discount on all replacement dog scent training supplies orders.

K-9 Pressure Cookers

Tripwire’s assortment of canine scent kits includes our K9 Pressure Cooker Training Aid that offers the flexibility to place a real or simulated scent within the pressure cooker device. The remote controlled trigger system on this piece of K9 scent detection equipment enables you to activate the scent via push button operation.

K-9 Directional Training Aids

This K-9 training aid includes a cavity for scent placement that can be easily accessed via removal of the end cap. The tripwire/anti-pull trigger system on this piece of odor detection equipment is activated when the dog pulls the line, which simultaneously activates an audible alarm. A direction frag device is also included in this K9 scent detection kit.

K-9 Toolbox Kits

This K-9 dog scent training kit features a kong toy that is placed inside a toolbox. The training experience will be enhanced by the expansive area for scent placement.

K-9 Improvised Claymore Training Aids

This canine training kit includes a pressure plate trigger system that can be activated via the application of a slight amount of pressure. The piece of canine equipment comes with a Claymore-type device and sensitive pressure plate.

Take a Closer Look at All of Our Canine Equipment

You can learn more about our scent detection dog training supplies by browsing our informative product catalog. Feel free to contact us at 888.330.7015 for additional information. We also offer explosive products, inert products, explosive training, homeland security training and much more.