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Secotron Targets

SECOTRON TARGETS:  SMART TARGETS FOR SMART TRAINING Secotron-targets has specialized in the manufacturing of state-of-the-art target equipment applications for small arms-, anti-vehicle, and tank weapons […]

Tripwire assists with K9 training

Tripwire assists with K9 training; Written by Chris Cappella, The Evening Sun The speed limit on the main road just a few hundred feet from […]

Local businesses train dogs to sniff out bombs

Local businesses train dogs to sniff out bombs. WHP CBS 21 Harrisburg Updated: By: Kyle Rogers GETTYSBURG, Pa. — A dog’s nose seems to know […]

Metrojet Flight 9268

Metro jet Flight 9268 What explosive could have downed Metrojet Flight 9268? CNN’s Miguel Marquez examines different types of explosives that officials believe may have […]

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