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Tripwire Operations Group, LLC is an ATF licensed importer, exporter, manufacturer and dealer of explosive materials and detonatorsfor explosives. Tripwire provides all properly licensed professionals with explosive materials and detonators for sale in the amounts that are specifically required. No longer do you have to purchase large quantities of explosive material and be concerned about your magazine being it’s authorized weight…order anything you need, in the quantity you want! As an ATF licensed explosive materials manufacturer, importer, exporter and dealer, Tripwire has a wide range of explosive products to offer, including our custom kits.

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Our inert training aids are designed and built by former and current military and police bomb disposal experts. Devices are based on real-world scenarios, current and former threats, as well as items that our bomb technicians have personally rendered safe in the field. All inert training aids can be custom built to fit a variety of specifications to include x-ray correct, visually correct, K9 oriented, audible/visual penalty, or a combination of several designs. The functioning of these training aids is also customizable to your choosing: victim operated, suicide, etc.

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Classes for explosives operations, K-9 teams, explosive breaching certifications, forensic science, tactical medicine, and shooting.

Tripwire offers everything needed to keep police, fire, HAZMAT,  EMS, military, and all other first responder type personnel safe whileconducting their operations. Our training courses are where functionality meets flexibility. Any of our courses can be custom tailored to fit your specific needs and requirements, as well as able to be conducted at Tripwire’s facility in Gettysburg, or brought to a location of your choosing.

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Tripwire’s F.I.R.S.T. (Forensic. Investigation. Research. Services. Training.) Division, which is co-directed by internationally recognized experts in the field, forensic anthropology and archaeology consultants Dennis Dirkmaat, Ph.D., D-ABFA and FBI Special Agent Michael Hochrein (ret), provides a wide variety of services to the law enforcement, medicolegal, and jurisprudence communities, focused on forensic scene recoveries (outdoor and indoor), mass disaster incidents, forensic DNA interpretation, forensic anthropology cases, and general criminalistics. Real-time forensic scene recoveries and investigations can be completed upon request. Training courses are available both at the Tripwire Facility in Gettysburg, and at institutions across the country, again, upon request. Consultations and reviews of cold cases, current cases, and future cases are available.  F.I.R.S.T. offers a variety of short-courses in the areas of Forensic Anthropology, Outdoor Crime Scene Reconstruction, Forensic Scene Mapping, Mass Disaster Scene Processing, Disaster Morgue Protocols, Cold Case Reviews, and Scene mapping of Actual Forensic Scenes.

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This 5-day dynamic entry course serves to introduce attendees to all proper procedures required to either create, or augment an already existing explosive entry component. This course is designed for personnel with little to no experience with energetic materials, and explosive compounds.

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Tripwire Operations Group’s K9 Police Dog Training Services is poised to assist Explosive Detection Handlers in all their training and operational needs. Whether it is providing top quality live explosive training material in a specially-designed K9 explosive detection training kit or unique out-of-the-box training products, Tripwire’s K9 explosive detection training will exceed your expectations. Tripwire offers advanced K9 detection training certification programs for federal, state and local K9 teams to include military units.

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Tripwire provides full-scale pyrotechnic special effect explosions for full-length feature films, short films, music videos, commercials, air-shows, and much more. Big or small, our pyrotechnics company can give you the Hollywood-style fireball that you’re looking for. We offer high-quality, display fireworks shows. Events large or small, we can handle it all. We have 10+ years of experience with energetic materials and display fireworks, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed! For further information or videos of our displays, visit our Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.


Tripwire Consulting Services provides security, investigative, intelligence, training, and operational advisory assistance, support, and solutions to corporations, individuals, law enforcement agencies, and military units. Our physical security consulting and security protection service consultants have decades of operational experience in Presidential and VIP protection, airport, major event, and facility security, complex and sensitive criminal, terrorism, and threat investigations, law enforcement tactics and operations, intelligence gathering and analysis, counterinsurgency operations, conventional, unconventional, asymmetric, and special warfare, and training management. Tripwire’s physical security and protection consulting services will organize the appropriate expertise and apply it in a scalable, flexible, and integrated manner. Proven methods of operational planning and situational and capability analysis and assessment will be coupled with asymmetric and unconventional approaches in our physical security consulting services to develop the most effective and economic solution.

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The use of OPFOR in training events is intended to provide realistic field training through operations against a non-cooperative, uncompromising opponent that uses tactics, doctrine, and equipment indicative of a real-world combatant force that may be encountered during the performance of tactical operations. Tripwires OPFOR training enhancements provide realistic and authentic weapon and tactic employment of real-world military and/or paramilitary forces. We provide unique enhancements to any size training scenario or exercise, under various and extreme weather conditions, altitudes, and terrain, which is supported by our extensive cadre of experienced Subject Matter Experts and Exercise Planners. Our OPFOR training enhancements replicate actual combat environments and include:

  • Special Effect Battlefield Explosions
  • Foreign Weapon Systems
  • Audible & Visual IED Simulations
  • Movie Quality Medical Moulage
  • Close Air Support Simulation & Effects
  • Realistic Decoys

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Tripwire University offers interactive explosives safety training courses led by premiere explosives specialist Ryan Morris and others. Tripwire University engages the viewer through dynamic instructional content followed by post-tests, as well as comprehensive exams. TripwireU’s CDN, Schoox, is the most advanced social training platform available anywhere and all content is delivered device agnostically so it can be viewed at home, work, or on-the-go with smart phones or tablets. Our first course is Basic Explosives Material Overview and it is now available for $39.99. Upon successful completion, students receive SACS accredited Tripwire University certification.

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