Tripwire Pyrotechnics provides memorable pyrotechnic displays and special effects for a variety of indoor and outdoor events. We will design and execute a high-quality show that falls within your budget. With over a 100-years of combined experience regarding energetic materials, display fireworks and special effects – we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Each of our productions are a complete package, which includes everything from concept to cleanup. When preparing for your event, we will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive site survey
  • Design a custom display to create maximum excitement
  • Secure any and all necessary local/state permits
  • Provide proof of liability insurance
  • Furnish and transport all required equipment and product(s)
  • Provide a team of highly-trained pyrotechnicians to prepare and execute your display

These total productions are a complete sensory experience like no other and include a wide variety of aerial shells and high-intensity multiple shot devices, which amaze and excite. We provide these types of productions annually for the Celebrate America! Wheeling Symphony and Fireworks and the Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival in Wheeling, WV; Celebration of Our Nation in Wellston, OH; and the Tyler County (WV) Fair.

Fireworks are an awesome way to commemorate company events. We have helped various sized companies create events that their employees and families will remember for years to come. Let us craft a show specially designed for you!

We add visually spectacular effects to already awesome events in the form of strafing runs, bombing simulations, walls of fire and more. The crowd is in attendance to witness acrobatic feats from some of the world’s finest aviators – let’s give them what they really want, but just don’t know it – explosions and fire!

Weddings and gender reveals are extremely important events and require the highest levels of commemoration and celebration. Make your event extraordinary with one-of-a-kind pyrotechnics display that is designed to match your theme and personality. This is perfect for wedding receptions, send-offs, finales, proposals, engagement parties, gender reveals and more!

Fireworks are a fantastic way to inject some energy into any event or shoot. These displays are typically used for sporting events (football, baseball, racing, etc.); music events/venues and large concerts; end of game and season celebrations.

2019 Sun ‘N Fun Air Show – Lakeland, Florida
2019 Sun ‘N Fun Air Show – Lakeland, Florida
2019 Sun ‘N Fun Air Show – Lakeland, Florida