Render Safe Tactical Disruptors


Tripwire is proud to offer a full range of tactical, energetic render-safe tools from RST® in the form of their exclusive tactical disruptors that have been designed specifically for use with our exclusive binary explosive, Texpak®.

Proven effective at disrupting suspicious targets containing quantities of explosives in a controlled manner with minimal collateral effects. One or more disruptors can be robot or hand deployed and fired singularly or simultaneously to effectively disrupt larger sized terrorist devices while utilizing smaller amounts of explosives all within the operational response time typically available to responding Bomb Technicians. Our tactical disruptors are designed to replace the traditional “bottler” and various sized “mineral water bottles” (MWB), Mini-HEADD and the HEADD shot.

Our tactical disruptors are a group of high-energy access and disablement tools that produce a high velocity, low-density water jet that is capable of disrupting an IED electrical circuit/explosive train within milliseconds. The RST® series of disruptors have an interior compartment into which TexPak® is poured. All tactical disruptors are provided complete with TexPak® to allow easy transportation, storage and loading.

When detonated inside the disruptor, TexPak® produces a shock wave which accelerates the water to the target in a high energy profile that is capable of penetrating wood, plastic and light materials. If multiple disrupters are detonated simultaneously, there is an amplification of the disruptive effect where the two water jets intersect.

All tactical disruptor set-ups have been characterized with water as the disruptive load. Additionally, the 500ml, 1000ml, and 1-gal tactical disruptors have been characterized to carry different types of disruptive loads including sand, water with super absorbent polymer and dolomite with saline solution all of which are designed to assist the Bomb Technician to achieve the desired disruptive effect.