Tripwire Operations Group has been transporting sensitive and controlled hazardous materials (explosives, ordnance, equipment, etc.) throughout North America since 2005. Our fleet of specially outfitted trucks and trailers are designed with safety and security as a priority and operated by our staff of professional commercially licensed drivers with over 15-years of experience. We pride ourselves on our punctuality, professionalism and safety record. You can rest assured that your cargo, in our hands, will be treated with the upmost care and delivered to its final destination on time, every time.

Tripwire Operations Group currently holds and maintains all Federal, State and Local licenses and permits to transport explosives, ammunition, other HAZMAT, and other sensitive cargo across state lines to all 48 lower states and Alaska. For Hawaii and U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc.) we have several options available including air and sea transportation.