Tripwire University

Tripwire University offers interactive explosives safety training courses led by premiere explosives specialist Ryan Morris and others. Tripwire University engages the viewer through dynamic instructional content followed by post-tests, as well as comprehensive exams. TripwireU’s CDN, Schoox, is the most advanced social training platform available anywhere and all content is delivered device agnostically so it can be viewed at home, work, or on-the-go with smart phones or tablets. Our first course is Basic Explosives Material Overview and it is now available for $39.99. Upon successful completion, students receive SACS accredited Tripwire University certification.

Instructions for becoming a TripwireU member:

1. Go To:

2. Press the “Courses” button under the bomb suit banner.

3. Then, select “Sign Up” and follow the easy instructions (at this point you are only ’signing up’ for a free membership, not the course).

4. First name, last name, email, and password – that’s it!

5. Do NOT check the, “I Want to Create My Online Academy” box before submitting. You can certainly build your own academy later if you like, but its not for joining TripwireU.