Belgium officer among those training locally

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  • March 23, 2016

Belgium officer among those training locally

CBS46 News


An elite group of police personnel trained for the fight against ISIS Tuesday in rural Alabama. CBS46 got an exclusive look at the training, run by the group Tripwire Operations.

“It isn’t, ‘If it’s going to happen,’ it’s ‘When it’s going to happen’ that’s the bottom line,” CEO Ryan Morris said. “We’re doing out of the box thinking.”

Morris used one pound of homemade explosives to detonate a vehicle. The lesson being taught was how to recognize and prevent explosives, similar to those seen Tuesday in the attacks in Brussels, Belgium. Morris and his team teach officers from around the world.

“Ultimately explosives are the same around the world,” he said. “The threat is there, it’s very real.”

Among the officers on hand for Tuesday’s training, a Belgium security official working alongside Morris’ team.

“What happened today, I was expecting this,” Joris Kerckof said of Tuesday’s terror attacks in his home country of Brussels.

Joris said the lessons being taught by Morris and his team are unique and critical to the fight against ISIS.

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