CJ has over thirty years of combined military and law enforcement experience and is internationally known as a specialist in conflict resolution. CJ’s foundation began as a U.S. Navy SEAL. After the Navy, CJ served for 10 years as a sworn tactical officer working in New York, New Jersey, and South Florida specializing in SWAT and narcotics enforcement. He was “loaned” to several Federal agencies as a consultant, operative and trainer, while as an officer and later privately. Based upon his experience, he designs specialized practical and tactical techniques for law enforcement; military combat units and civilian lifestyles. Along with this, CJ is also responsible for the design of high tech tactical equipment to enhance and support his highly advanced styles.

Today Chris splits his time between personal protection, private training, expert witness testimony, and a television talent/advisor often moving from one to the other on very short notice. This keeps him keenly aware of the extreme need to maintain not only top physical conditioning, but also, the most critical mental conditioning, which is of tantamount importance. Chris brings to the table an unprecedented view of real life and conflicts that arise from it. He is an instructor who teaches from the heart and the mind. He lives by two rules: (1) “Confidence is developed through training & experiences, if you don’t have the experiences, you better make your training as real as possible”, and (2) “Train as you live and live as you train”. He remains at the tip of the spear with innovative and proven tactics and supportive equipment. CJ is also known for his development of top physical conditioning programs and tactical training tapes. He is a consummate professional, with a vast amount of experience in real-life firearms tactics and fighting skill; CJ’s talents and techniques are an exciting change of pace from conventional training.

“You have to control the mind. What are the limitations of the mind? There are none. The mind controls the body.”

– The Mind in Battle