Cast boosters are detonator or detonating cord sensitive, high-density/high-energy molecular explosives that are available in a variety of sizes that are designed to optimize initiation of booster-sensitive explosives. Manufactured with an internal through-tunnel and detonator well for application with either electric, fuse or shock tube detonators. Formulated from primarily PETN, TNT and other high explosive materials. Cast boosters detonate at a velocity of approximately 24,800 fps.

90 Gram (3.2 Ounce)Each$6.50
90 Gram (3.2 Ounce)Pack of 10$62.00
226 Gram (8 Ounce)Each$15.75
226 Gram (8 Ounce)Pack of 10$150.00
350 Gram (12 Ounce)Each$18.50
350 Gram (12 Ounce)Pack of 10$175.00
450 Gram (16 Ounce)Each$21.25
450 Gram (16 Ounce)Pack of 10$202.00