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Detonating cord is a universal high explosive used for a wide variety of applications to create explosive effects and build reliable charges. It is initiated with military or commercial detonators and detonates along its entire length at 6,400 m/s.

15100 Feet$100.00
151 Spool (3,280 Feet)$1,050.00
25100 Feet$100.00
251 Spool (2,460 Feet)$1,050.00
40100 Feet$110.00
401 Spool (1,640 Feet)$1,075.00
50100 Feet$125.00
501 Spool (1,640 Feet)$695.00
80100 Feet$175.00
801 Spool (500 Feet)$875.00
100100 Feet$150.00
1001 Spool (820 Feet)$695.00