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ET-09: Improvised Explosives Sensitive Site Exploitation Course

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  • November 17, 2013

Lecture and range demonstration

This course is designed for those first responders and military personnel who need training dealing with the detection and sampling/collection methods of Homemade Explosive Materials. This course is will cover several detection capabilities that are on the market and will have special emphasis on the Ahura line of detection instruments. Students will receive classroom training followed by actual “lab” time. The culmination of the course will be the scenario based events on the third day which will require the students to utilize the skills and knowledge acquired on the previous two days.

Course Agenda (depending on conditions):

Classroom Instruction (.5 day)
– Ahura training
– HME case studies
– Sample collection

Field instruction (1.5 days)
– Ahura drills
– Clean/dirty man techniques
– Sensitivity tests
– Basic HME process demonstration

Field Training Exercise (1 day)
– Domestic and International problems/scenarios
– After Action/Debrief

Continuing education credits are available for Fire Service and Emergency Medical professionals in Pennsylvania.

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