ET-10: Explosive Course for News Media Personnel

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  • November 17, 2013


Lecture and range demonstration

Tripwire Operations Group, a leader providing explosives training to law enforcement agencies and first responders has received numerous calls from the news media after the Boston bombings. The information sought dealt explosives, improvised explosive devices and bombing investigations.

In order to ensure more accurate reporting of explosives related incidents, Tripwire has developed a course of instruction specifically for the news media.

Course Agenda (depending on conditions):

Classroom Instruction
– Orientation to Conventional Explosive Formulations and Improvised Explosive Devices
– Orientation to Homemade Explosive Formulations – the latest threats
– Bombing Scene Search Overview – Collecting evidence after a blast
– Demonstrate wearing a bomb suit and experience wearing one yourself!

Explosive Magazine Site Visit
– Go to an explosive magazine (storage site) and view what real explosives look like
– Observe and Explosives Detection Canine in action

Explosives Range Demonstration
– See certified explosives experts manufacture and initiate improvised explosive formulations
– Experience the force of the blast first-hand
– See hoe evidence is collected after a bomb goes off.

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