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Energetic Breaching Certification Course – Basic

December 7 - December 11


This 5-day dynamic entry course serves to introduce attendees to all proper procedures required to either create, or augment an already existing explosive entry component. This course is designed for personnel with little to no experience with energetic materials, and explosive compounds.

*This course has a minimum requirement of participants. If minimum participation is not met, the course will be rescheduled and your payment will be refunded or you may select an alternate date.

Specific Tactical Explosive Entry School Learning Topics

  • Explosive breaching training course program policies and procedures related to the unit’s/agency’s mission statement
  • Tactical situations justifying and requiring explosive entry and supported by written policy
  •  Explosive law and compliance requirements
  •  Explosive safety and handling procedures (administrative and tactical) specifically for the tactical explosive breaching discipline
  •  Duties and responsibilities of the breacher team
  •  Theory and explosive material properties, terminology for general understanding and related to detonations in the urban environment for this tactical explosive discipline
  •  Understanding of potential hazards created by detonations in the urban environment damaging to humans and property (causes and reduction/mitigation procedures)
  •  Explosive materials and related tools used during tactical explosive breaching operations
  •  Charge construction, design, net explosive weight calculations and related documentation (Understanding design and material failure without using commercial products)
  •  Data base collection procedures, documentation for charge strength and configuration related to various breach points on actual structures (doors, windows, walls and roofs)
  •  Prediction of all related hazards and protective actions for mission essential personnel, public, suspects, victims and property for each detonation
  •  Tactical firing system construction, operational application, misfire emergency situation response and recovery procedures
  •  Mission planning, briefing, performance and post operation protocols
  •  Mission-related tactics and hazards, misfires and entry denial

Participant Expectations and Conditions (This is not an “Attend and Pass” Course)

This Basic Explosive Breaching Training Course requires each participant to perform the following tasks prior for pre-qualification to take the final written examination and successfully complete this course:

  • Explosive breaching training course participants must sign an acknowledgement of risks and release of liability documentation
  • Willingness to handle explosives and work in an explosives environment, as required by the explosive breaching training course
  • Responsible for daily private/agency transportation to/from various training sites as required by the course curriculum and explosive worksite structure(s) location(s)
  • No formal lunch/meal breaks during fieldwork on Wednesday through Friday
  • Dedicated full dress tactical application scenarios
  • Willingness to participate in explosive tactical entries of structures under adverse conditions and environments
  • Must successfully pass the final written examination (80% or higher)
  • Failure to successfully complete all written assignments or perform tasks as required, participant will be removed from the explosive breaching training course

Participant Equipment List

Each participant is required to provide the following items and equipment for Tripwire’s Explosive Breaching Training Course:

  • Full tactical explosive breaching equipment and all personal protection items (your standard operational kit – ensure you have long sleeves and pants, ballistic helmet, ballistic projectile eye/ear protection, and sturdy gloves)
  • Respiratory protection, particulate type mask or better for working in dust and debris producing environments
  • Note taking material (note pad, pen, pencils, etc.)
  • 6-inch (15 cm) radius drafting compass


December 7
December 11


Tripwire Operations Group
1685 Baltimore Pike
Gettysburg,PA17325United States
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