HME-01: Homemade Explosives Course (Basic)

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  • November 17, 2013

HME Course



The proliferation of homemade explosive devices poses an ongoing threat to our national security. The Basic Homemade Explosive safety training course offered by the Training Division of Tripwire Operations Group is designed to help First Responders effectively combat the dangers of homemade explosives.

Lecture and range demonstration

The Basic HME Course is a three-day training program which focuses on stopping the clandestine proliferation of improvised energetic material that can be used in association with criminal and terrorist activities. The course material is presented by both classroom instruction as well as live field demonstrations and student interactions. HME training courses are conducted by seasoned professionals who have extensive experience working with home explosives of all types.

Our homemade explosive safety training course begins with an introduction to explosives and the various components that are used to build and detonate them. You’ll also learn about the explosive devices and techniques deployed by various foreign adversaries. As the homemade explosive course progresses, you will get a more in-depth look at the wide range of materials that can be used to construct explosive devices and gain hands-on experience in using them to create and detonate bombs. There is also a dynamic tool interaction component intended for bomb technicians only.

Who Can Benefit From Homemade Explosives Training Courses?

This HME training course is useful for law enforcement, military EOD/public safety bomb technicians, hazardous materials technicians, fire response, emergency medical service, and military units involved in combating terrorism and protecting our homeland.

Our Homemade Explosives Course Is Ideal for Explosive Detection K-9 Handlers

For those students who are also Explosive Detection K-9 handlers you will be given an opportunity to run your dog on a variety of Homemade Explosive formulations to include TATP. (You will have the opportunity to train your K-9 on a large hide). We also include tailored scenarios that can be invaluable for tactical training and reinforcement when working with your dogs.

Learn More About Our Homemade Explosives Training Courses in PA

For more information about our homemade explosive safety training courses, as well as prices call 888.330.7015

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