HME-02: Advanced Homemade Explosives (Chemical Precursor/Interdiction) Course

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  • November 17, 2013

Lecture and range demonstration

Topics will include:

  • – Sensitivity evaluation of TATP and HMTD
  • – Large-scale production of urea nitrate
  • – Fuel oxidizer explosive mixtures such as chlorates and perchlorates
  • – Unconventional ammonium nitrate mixtures
  • – Liquid explosives
  • – Raman and FTIR analysis of homemade explosives
  • – Hazmat mitigation of HME production sites
  • – Common factors in plots and attacks using improvised homemade explosives mixtures
  • – Current terrorist explosives recipes found online

15 Hours of Classroom-based HME explosive instruction to include case studies. 25 Hours of Hands on Training.

The entire homemade explosive mixtures course will build the students understanding of basic and advanced HME culminating in a final scenario dealing with the take down and processing of a clandestine lab.

This HME training course is useful for law enforcement, military EOD/public safety bomb technicians, hazardous materials technicians, fire response, emergency medical service, and military units involved in combating terrorism and protecting our homeland.

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