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Improvised Explosive Formulation Courses

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  • December 7, 2015
Improvised Explosives

HME First Responder

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Improvised Explosive Formulations BASIC Awareness & Operational Level Courses

Improvised explosives: BASIC awareness (1-day) The most common weapon being utilized by criminals and terrorists throughout the world is improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that contain improvised (homemade) explosives. As a first responder, you are increasingly more likely to encounter this type of hazard while responding to an emergency than most. This counter-improvised explosive device training course will provide you with the basic information required to keep yourself and your teammates safe. During this 1-day course, students will learn to identify basic improvised explosives, identify chemical precursors and equipment used in the illicit manufacture of improvised explosives, the hazards associated with each precursor, how-to or how-not-to handle items, and safety precautions to be taken. Our staff consists of current and former Bomb/EOD Technicians who have the operational experience necessary to provide this training. There is no alternative for this counter-improvised explosive device training. As a first responder you are in the business of saving lives, and this course will further your ability to do so. IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVES: OPERATIONAL KNOWLEDGE (2-DAY) This course is designed for the operational first responder…the first there. In addition to the information provided in the basic awareness course, listed above, students will be safely exposed to real improvised explosive formulations, including several peroxide based mixtures such was TATP, which was used in the recent Paris attacks. Students will witness, first-hand, the sensitivity and destructive power of improvised explosives, how to safely operate (if necessary) while improvised mixtures are present, methods of desensitization, as well as a live range demonstration. There is no alternative for this real-world based counter-improvised explosive device training. If you want to be operating at your optimal level and be ready to deal with the threat of improvised explosives and improvised explosive labs, you need to attend this course! Improvised Explosive Formulation Courses

Cost: Basic Awareness: $100.00

Operational (Advanced) Knowledge: $300.00

WHEN: Weekly (Basic: Tuesday) (Advanced: Tuesday/Wednesday)

Where: 1685 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA 17325

Register by e-mail or phone: • 717-648-2792



For more information on the K-9 Version of this class please click here.

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