Improvised Explosives & Large Hide Course, Ventosa

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  • December 10, 2014

Improvised Explosive and Large Hide Course

Tripwire is putting on this course with our host Ventosa Kennels.

If you would like more information or to register for the Improvised Explosive and Large Hide Course for the Explosive Detection K-9 Team, please fill out the form below or call Austin at 804-824-6712.

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This course of instruction is designed for the advanced handler that wants to experience real life scenarios which have been replicated for a training environment.

The course is designed for the student to understand how to stop the proliferation of clandestine homemade explosive labs and events.

This training is important for the k-9 officer to be able to identify all elements of an improvised explosive lab for the purposes of court testimony and/or search warrant applications. Attendees of the course will see peroxide based improvised explosive formulations being made as well as 24 other formulations.

The opportunity to imprint your k9 on all odors will be made available. The formulations made will then be used in real training scenarios for you to see how your k9 will react.

Our staff of experienced k9 handlers/instructors and bomb technicians have the operational experience to give you the training needed in this day and age.

All attendees will be able to train in a post blast environment during one of the scenario based events. There is no replacement for this real life training that will prepare you and your department to handle improvised explosive material calls.

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