Inert Training Products

Our bomb technicians design every IED training aid to improve and enhance the skill set of first responders, tactical officers, and military operators. We custom build our training aids to mimic real world IEDs with unmatched realism. The terrorist threat is in a constant state of evolution, rapidly adapting to counter US tactics, techniques, and procedures. Our training aid design team constantly evaluates terrorist trends to develop some of the most authentic training aids available. Our training aids will equip you with the critical analytical processes and skills to counter the most effective weapon used against our forces. All of our training devices are customizable and in addition to being visually correct are able to be x-ray correct, K-9 scent detection oriented, and/or equipped with visual/audible penalties. Our inert devices use authentic and rudimentary electronics for realism, and to increase training value. Items provide an audible and/or visual feedback in the event the training aid is functioned.

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(Note: Inert training items are for official use only (FOUO). Prior to shipment of your order, verification of identity and/or affiliation may be required.)