K9-04: Explosive Detection K9 Advanced Search Techniques

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  • November 17, 2013

Advanced Search Techniques Course


Lecture and range demonstration

It is our philosophy that by incorporating the knowledge of both the bomb technician and canine instructor community, we are able to produce a unique and valuable training product. Tripwire Operations Group has a number of exceptionally well trained and experienced K-9 Trainers available for our police K9 training classes.

NOTE: The following list contains only a portion of the material covered in the class. Please contact us for the complete course syllabus.

  • – Explosive fundamentals
  • – Improvised Explosive Device Basic Recognition
  • – Human reaction to over pressure
  • – Practical Exercises
  • – Canine Handling in an Explosive Environment-Basic and Advanced Techniques
  • – Searching in a Post Blast environment
  • – Practical exercise: Large vehicle hide 80,000 lbs
  • – Live Explosive Range Demonstration
  • – Practical exercises in a post blast environment
  • – Peroxide Based Explosive Training
  • – Canine Handling in a Mass Transit Environment
  • – Practical Exercises

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