Explosive Detection Proficiency Kit

Tripwire Operations Group is poised to assist explosive detection K9 teams with all their explosive training material requirements. From our top-of-the-line live explosive training courses, to our exclusive explosive proficiency kits, we are dedicated to fulfilling your needs! Based upon scientific data regarding material breakdown, which leads to scent variation, we encourage K9 teams to replace of swap out their explosive training materials every 6 to 12 months. We will accept your old, used, and deteriorated explosive products (for proper and safe disposal) and provide you with new, fresh explosive training products. Please do not cheat yourself or your K9 partner by using outdated products for training. Stay ahead of the game and give us a call and let us help you keep your skills at maximum efficiency.

To ensure you are receiving the highest quality products available, we take special care while handling and packaging your explosive order. Each product is handled IAW FBI evidence handling techniques and individually packaged in nylon arson bags to avoid cross contamination. All of our exclusive K9 explosive proficiency kits are fully D.O.T. approved, and ships fully pre-packaged within a custom designed hard, watertight storage case.