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NexGen K9 Kit

Tripwire designed and created the original live (real) material explosive detection K9 training kit in 2005 and has since delivered thousands of our custom kits to law enforcement and military units around the globe. We aim to continuously improve upon the kit, with input from our extensive clientele, which has brought us to the latest generation of our kit. We handle each and every product is handled using approved FBI evidence handling techniques and packaged in patented and state-of-the-art OPSAK® odor barrier bags by LOKSAK®. These poly-bags boast of a hermetic seal and are certified waterproof to 200 feet (60 meters). Any item placed inside the OPSAK® bag remains impervious to the elements and retained to the highest degree. The OPSAK® bag offers an absolute airtight seal preventing the re-entry or release of air and microorganisms. Many have tried, but none have successfully replicated our methods and products. Whether our top-notch materials and scents or our U.S. Department of Transportation approved EX Number, there is no equivalent explosive training kit designed specifically for K9 teams available anywhere else.


Homemade explosive (HME) use is growing world-wide and according to various intelligence sources, there are a handful of precursors that are most often associated or found in conjunction with HME and HME production facilities. Our precursor kit contains six (6) of the most prevalent precursor materials that may be encountered during the performance of K-9 search operations. This HME kit complements our NexGen Kit, and when combined provides an entire explosives threat scent picture (improvised, commercial, military)


The safety and security of our nation’s citizens, cargo and critical infrastructure is paramount, and our explosives detection K9 Cargo Screening Kit allows third-party canine-cargo (3PK9-C) teams to remain proficient on all prescribed explosive odors mandated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This kit affords certified teams the ability to conduct reoccurring proficiency training as often as desired and provides an irreplaceable tool that can aid in the preparation of non-certified teams for the certification process. This contains live-explosive material in forms that cover the full-spectrum of detection categories required per TSA mandates. The specific contents of this kit have been deemed Sensitive Security Information (SSI) and cannot be listed here. Please, contact us for details.

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