Local businesses train dogs to sniff out bombs

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  • December 17, 2015

Local businesses train dogs to sniff out bombs.

WHP CBS 21 Harrisburg

Updated: By: Kyle Rogers GETTYSBURG, Pa. — A dog’s nose seems to know best. The Tripwire Operations Group based outside Gettysburg in Adams County trains first responders how to handle situations involving explosive devices. However, citing a growing demand for bomb-sniffing dogs, the company is expanding its training. “We believe in the K9 to such a degree now that we’ve opened up an entire division to K9 training,” said Ryan Morris, the company’s CEO. Another company, ScentLogix based in Annapolis, Maryland, partnered with Tripwire to share a high-tech approach to training bomb-sniffing dogs. ScentLogix is able to transfer the scent of bomb-like devices into a bag which can be placed in a container. That container can be hidden for the dog to trace. “We’ve engineered the odor of real explosives and made the odor non-hazardous,” said David Adebimpe of ScentLogix. That way, the training aids can be transported anywhere unlike the real stuff, Adebimpe said. Joris Kerckhof is a K9 expert from Belgium who’s trained several animals and joined Adebimpe and Morris on Thursday afternoon. “The thing that’s bringing us together is terrorism and radicalization,” said Kerckhof, speaking about the recent terror attacks throughout the world. “We have all the same threats right now.” Kerchoff said it takes more than a year or so to properly train a dog to sniff out explosives. He said the dog is trained to believe searching for a bomb is a toy and the dog is conditioned to receive a reward for finding the explosive.

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