Metrojet Flight 9268

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  • November 11, 2015

Metro jet Flight 9268

What explosive could have downed Metrojet Flight 9268?

CNN’s Miguel Marquez examines different types of explosives that officials believe may have been used to down Metrojet Flight 9268. Tripwire Operations Group provided the subject matter expertise as well as the live explosive range demonstration’s for this report.

How to detect explosives with an airport’s X-ray

How difficult would it be for an explosive to get through airport security in the U.S.? CNN’s Miguel Marquez reports. Tripwire Operations Group Provided the subject matter expertise as well as the live explosive range demonstration.






Original copies of this broadcast are located here from CNN:

(CNN)The clues emerging so far about the final moments of Metrojet Flight 9268 don’t paint a clear picture of what happened to the doomed passenger jet.

Was a midair heat flash that a U.S. satellite detected over the Sinai Peninsula when the flight went down a sign of an explosion aboard the plane? And if that was the case, why haven’t investigators found signs of an explosive impact on the crash victims’ bodies, as Russian state media reports? Could the plane’s wreckage show that a past repair went awry?

There are a wide range of theories on what made the passenger jet plunge to the ground, killing all 224 people on board, but Russian officials say it’s too soon to speculate on the cause.

Aviation experts agree, and officials have downplayed an apparent claim by Islamic militants that they brought down the Airbus A321-200, saying technical failure is the most likely reason for the crash.

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