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Tripwire Odor Recognition Test (ORT) Kit

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  • October 19, 2014

Tripwire Operations Group is proud to introduce the all new Tripwire Odor Recognition Test (ORT) Kit. Tripwire has created and patented a K-9 explosive kit specially designed for the National Odor Recognition Test. The kit consists of 144 vials, each individually marked, which contain 90 grams of explosive material thereby enabling the trainer/handler to use 1 vial of pre-measured explosives per test. 9 complete tests may be conducted with one kit.

The kit also contains 16 “Expended” glass jars for any and all used/contaminated explosives providing the trainer with the ability to control and account for all explosive materials.

The Odor Recognition Kits are carefully filled and measured in Tripwire Operations Group state of the art Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation lab to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination.

Price: $2995.

New Kit 1


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