Tripwire Operations Group, LLC is an ATF licensed importer, exporter, manufacturer and dealer of explosive materials and detonators for explosives. Tripwire provides all properly licensed professionals with explosive materials and detonators for sale in the amounts that are specifically required. As an ATF licensed explosive materials manufacturer, importer, exporter and dealer, Tripwire has a wide range of explosive products to offer, including our custom kits. Our explosives are sold, delivered, and utilized by law enforcement, military, first responders, and private contractors throughout the nation and across the globe for various operations including, but not limited to: detection K9 imprinting; tactical explosive breaching; bomb squad/EOD disposal & C-IED operations; mining & demolition efforts; various training curriculums for local, state, and federal agencies.


As an ATF licensed explosive materials manufacturer, importer, exporter and dealer, Tripwire has a wide range of explosive products for sale, including: Detonators (Electric | Fuse | NONEL) • Electric Matches/Squibs • Detonating Cord (PETN | RDX) • Shock Tube • Safety/Time Fuse • Cast Boosters • C-4 (Block | Bulk) • Sheet Explosives • Semtex • Dynamite • TNT (Flake) • Jet Perforators • Watergel • Emulsion • Comp-B • HMX • AN Prill • TexPak® • ANFO • RDX-A5 • Black Powder • Smokeless Powder • Pyrodex® • Nitromethane • HME Precursors • Range Operation Materials and Equipment • Custom K-9 Kits

Note: explosive materials shall be only viewed online. To purchase, an email must be sent to us from an official email address.


Tripwire Operations Group is poised to assist explosive detection K9 teams with all their explosive training material requirements. From our top-of-the-line live explosive training courses, to our exclusive explosive kits, we are dedicated to fulfilling your needs! We offer three (3) explosive detection training kits that, when combined, provide a complete explosive threat picture for K9 teams.

To ensure you are receiving the highest quality products available, we take special care while handling and packaging your explosive order. Each product is handled IAW FBI evidence handling techniques and individually packaged in odor barrier bags to avoid cross contamination. Our exclusive NexGen K9 kit is fully D.O.T. approved (EX number), and ships fully pre-packaged within a custom designed hard, watertight storage case.

Tripwire Operations Group utilizes patented and state-of-the-art OPSAK® odor barrier bags by LOKSAK®. These polybags boast of a hermetic seal and are certified waterproof to 200 feet (60 meters). Any item placed inside the OPSAK® bag remains impervious to the elements and retained to the highest degree. The OPSAK® bag offers an absolute airtight seal preventing the re-entry or release of air and microorganisms.

NexGen K9 Kit

Our largest and most comprehensive kit is the NexGen K9 Kit, which includes over 20 individual target materials.

HME Precursor Kit

Homemade explosive (HME) use is growing world-wide and according to various intelligence sources, there are a handful of precursors that are most often associated or found in conjunction with HME and HME production facilities. Our precursor kit contains six (6) of the most prevalent precursor materials that may be encountered during the performance of K9 search operations.

Canine Cargo Security Program (CCSP-K9) Kit

The CCSP-K9 STP Kit contains live-explosive material in various forms, which cover the full-spectrum of detection categories required per Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandates. The contents of this kit have been deemed Sensitive Security Information (SSI), please contact us for details.

Inert Training Devices & Items

Our bomb technicians design every IED training aid to improve and enhance the skill set of first responders, tactical officers, and military operators. We custom build our training aids to mimic real world IEDs with unmatched realism. The terrorist threat is in a constant state of evolution, rapidly adapting to counter US tactics, techniques, and procedures. Our training aid design team constantly evaluates terrorist trends to develop some of the most authentic training aids available. Our training aids will equip you with the critical analytical processes and skills to counter the most effective weapon used against our forces. All of our training devices are customizable and in addition to being visually correct are able to be x-ray correct, K-9 scent detection oriented, and/or equipped with visual/audible penalties. Our inert devices use authentic and rudimentary electronics for realism, and to increase training value. Items provide an audible and/or visual feedback in the event the training aid is functioned.

We offer a complete line of pre-made devices that are visually correct only and meant to fulfill most training requirements, as well as custom devices to match specific situations. 

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