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ScentLogix™ SSE 200 “Signature Series” Explosives Detection Scent Kit

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  • November 17, 2013

ScentLogix™ SSE200 ScentKit provides a flexible selection of nonhazardous gold standard peroxide and non-peroxide ScentLogix™. ScentKits can be personalized to satisfy or exceed all national and international explosives detector K-9 programs and K-9 based anti-terrorist activities.

SSE200 comprises of 1 TATP or 1 HMTD ScentKit. Plus any four of the following complete ScentKits:

  • DB-Smokeless Powder
  • Dynamite
  • TNT
  • Black Powder
  • Semtex A
  • Explosive Taggants
  • Semtex H
  • Tagged RDX
  • Semtex A+H
  • Untagged RDX

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