ScentLogix™ SSE 300 “Signature Series” Explosives Detection Scent Kit

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  • November 17, 2013

The SSE300 is the world’s #1 non-hazardous K-9 explosives training kit, and the gold standard for non-hazardous K-9 explosives detection kits. It consists of a selection of ScentLogix™ ScentKits necessary for a full-spectrum K-9 explosives detection program. ScentKit’s non-hazardous specifications exceed current Canadian, British, European, Australian and South African canine training kit standards and all U.S. Military, Police, Customs and DHS canine explosives training kits specications.

The kit comprises of 1 TATP ScentKit, 1 HMTD ScentKit, plus any four of the following complete ScentKits:

  • DB-Smokeless Powder
  • Dynamite
  • TNT
  • Black Powder
  • Semtex A
  • Explosive Taggants
  • Semtex H
  • Tagged RDX
  • Semtex A+H
  • Untagged RDX

Also includes accessories such as six aid-protecting outer bags, scent-flow indicating matchsticks to observe true air movements, a step-by-step user guide, a science-inspired logbook, plus full product support.

For prices please see our Catalog or call 888.330.7015.

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