Tripwire offers a complete lineup of services to a variety of agencies. We provide our clients with high-quality services personalized to their unique needs. We recognize that just as every client is different, so are their needs. Therefore, after meeting with you, we develop a plan that works for your specific needs.

  • Explosive Sales
  • Third Party K9 (3PK9) Cargo Screening Support
  • Pyrotechnics and Special Effects
  • Intelligence Communications
  • Strategic Security Consulting
  • Opposition Forces (OPFOR)
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Technology Consulting

Explosive Sales

Tripwire Operations Group, LLC is an ATF licensed importer, exporter, manufacturer and dealer of explosive materials and detonators for explosives. Tripwire provides all properly licensed professionals with explosive materials and detonators for sale in the amounts that are specifically required. As an ATF licensed explosive materials manufacturer, importer, exporter and dealer, Tripwire has a wide range of explosive products to offer, including our custom kits. Our explosives are sold, delivered, and utilized by law enforcement, military, first responders, and private contractors throughout the nation and across the globe for various operations including, but not limited to: detection K9 imprinting; tactical explosive breaching; bomb squad/EOD disposal & C-IED operations; mining & demolition efforts; various training curriculums for local, state, and federal agencies.

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Third-Party Canine (3PK9) Explosives Support

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have recently initiated the Third-Party Canine (3PK9) Cargo Screening Security Program. This program has established a regulatory framework that allows third-party explosive detection canines to screen cargo to TSA standards. Current digital and computer-based detection systems are incapable of evolving at the rate of modern terroristic trends, which is why explosive detection canine teams have grown to be a preferred method for detecting and thwarting explosive-related attacks.This program is an evolution in airline security and provides a method for cargo to be screened in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Moreover, DHS and TSA have directed that starting in June 2021, 100-percent of all aircraft, passenger and cargo, traveling inside the United States be screened for explosive threats. To accomplish this, TSA has mandated that every 3PK9 certified detection team undergo explosives scent detection training on a semi-monthly basis to ensure continued response capabilities. Tripwire Operations Group has established a nationwide solution to this requirement.

Since 2005, Tripwire Operations Group has provided explosive detection canine teams throughout the United States and abroad with high-quality detection training kits.  In support of this new TSA program, Tripwire now provides specifically designed explosive detection training kits that meet TSA explosive detection K9 scent criteria, to be utilized in satisfying the training requirement. The Tripwire “Canine Cargo Screening Kit” is comprised of a hard-storage water-tight case that contains all explosive materials (scents) required per TSA directives – and is available for use at various sites across the United States.

Learn more about 3PK9 Support HERE.

Pyrotechnics & Special Effects

Tripwire provides memorable pyrotechnic displays and special effects for a variety of indoor and outdoor events. We will design and execute a high-quality show that falls within your budget. We have over a decade of experience with energetic materials, display fireworks, and special effects – we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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Intelligence Communications Division

The Tripwire Operations Group Intelligence Communications Division (ICD) services a wide array of intelligence and analysis reports, including bi-weekly briefings. In addition to our products and training divisions, we offer comprehensive threat vulnerability assessments, confidential and customized intelligence analysis reports, and threat mitigation reviews for your business, agency or organization.

See our intel briefing library HERE.

Strategic Security Consulting

Tripwire Consulting Services provides security, investigative, intelligence, training, and operational advisory assistance, support, and solutions to corporations, individuals, law enforcement agencies, and military units. Our physical security consulting and security protection service consultants have decades of operational experience in Presidential and VIP protection, airport, major event, and facility security, complex and sensitive criminal, terrorism, and threat investigations, law enforcement tactics and operations, intelligence gathering and analysis, counterinsurgency operations, conventional, unconventional, asymmetric, and special warfare, and training management. Tripwire’s physical security and protection consulting services will organize the appropriate expertise and apply it in a scalable, flexible, and integrated manner. Proven methods of operational planning and situational and capability analysis and assessment will be coupled with asymmetric and unconventional approaches in our physical security consulting services to develop the most effective and economic solution.

OPFOR Training Enhancements

The use of OPFOR in training events is intended to provide realistic field training through operations against a non-cooperative, uncompromising opponent that uses tactics, doctrine, and equipment indicative of a real-world combatant force that may be encountered during the performance of tactical operations. Tripwires OPFOR training enhancements provide realistic and authentic weapon and tactic employment of real-world military and/or paramilitary forces. We provide unique enhancements to any size training scenario or exercise, under various and extreme weather conditions, altitudes, and terrain, which is supported by our extensive cadre of experienced Subject Matter Experts and Exercise Planners. Our OPFOR training enhancements replicate actual combat environments and induce realistic stress.

Forensic Sciences

Tripwire’s Forensic Services Division (FSD), which is co-directed by internationally recognized experts in the field, forensic anthropology and archaeology consultants Dennis Dirkmaat, Ph.D., D-ABFA and FBI Special Agent Michael Hochrein (ret), provides a wide variety of services to the law enforcement, medicolegal, and jurisprudence communities, focused on forensic scene recoveries (outdoor and indoor), mass disaster incidents, forensic DNA interpretation, forensic anthropology cases, and general criminalistics. Real-time forensic scene recoveries and investigations can be completed upon request. Training courses are available both at the Tripwire Facility in Gettysburg, and at institutions across the country, again, upon request. Consultations and reviews of cold cases, current cases, and future cases are available.  Our FSD offers a variety of short-courses in the areas of Forensic Anthropology, Outdoor Crime Scene Reconstruction, Forensic Scene Mapping, Mass Disaster Scene Processing, Disaster Morgue Protocols, Cold Case Reviews, and Scene mapping of Actual Forensic Scenes.

Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting division is focused on providing and supporting our clients globally in their business transformation, infrastructure and system development needs.