Tripwires’ exclusive binary explosive, Texpak®, is formulated to produce high velocities and high detonation pressures when detonated (21,000 FPS). Texpak® requires no magazine or special storage facilities and can be transported on the same vehicle with most other materials used in blasting, including 1.4 detonators. Thus, the high cost associated with transport, storage and use of explosive is eliminated. Texpak® does not have to be stored or transported as an explosive according to 49 CFR.

Excellent as a booster or column charge, or for use in secondary blasting, agriculture, demolition, industrial cleaning, bomb disposal, oil wells, ditching, trenching, and most applications which any other explosive is used. Each case contains 12 total pounds of energetic material (1/2 pound each x 24 cartridges). The benefits of Texpak® include instant mixing, no magazine storage required prior to mixing, shipped via common carrier (FedEx Ground), no nitroglycerin headaches, waterproof housing and high-velocity/high-gas volume.