The Tripwire Odor Imprint Device (TOID) serves as a training aid for explosive detection K9 teams, which offers real explosive odors but DO NOT present an explosive hazard (NON-DETONABLE). These are non-controlled items that require no licensing or special storage. The TOID has been designed to be an inexpensive and unregulated alternative to live explosive training aids. The TOID is constructed with a laboratory grade filter medium, which contains microscopic odor particulates that have been embedded through a proprietary process, that is permanently sealed between two (2) aluminum discs utilizing rivets while using zero adhesive material. Our devices are prepared and packaged in accordance with FBI safe-handling techniques to prevent cross-contamination.

The TOID has been extensively tested by third-party agencies and results have shown that the scent remains active for approximately 90-120 days* under normal use with proper storage and handling. ​TOIDs are packaged and shipped in patented and state-of-the-art OPSAK® odor barrier bags by LOKSAK®. These resealable polybags boast of a hermetic seal and are certified waterproof to 200 feet (60 meters). Any item placed inside the OPSAK® bag remains impervious to the elements and retained to the highest degree. The OPSAK® bag offers an absolute airtight seal preventing the re-entry or release of air and microorganisms, therefore minimizing breakdown and decomposition.

Available odors: C-4 w/ Taggant, Sheet Explosive (PETN-based), Semtex, Dynamite, Emulsion, TNT, Comp-B, HMX, Tetryl, ANFO, and RDX.

DiskComplete Set$475.00

*Tripwire Operations Group makes no guarantee to this timeframe. Longevity is approximate and based on end-user handling, storage, climate, etc. Odor may remain for a shorter or longer time depending on these variables.