Tripwire Consulting Services

Tripwire Consulting Services provides security, investigative, intelligence, training, and operational advisory assistance, support, and solutions to corporations, individuals, law enforcement agencies, and military units. Our physical security consulting and security protection service consultants have decades of operational experience in Presidential and VIP protection, airport, major event, and facility security, complex and sensitive criminal, terrorism, and threat investigations, law enforcement tactics and operations, intelligence gathering and analysis, counterinsurgency operations, conventional, unconventional, asymmetric, and special warfare, and training management. Tripwire’s physical security and protection consulting services will organize the appropriate expertise and apply it in a scalable, flexible, and integrated manner. Proven methods of operational planning and situational and capability analysis and assessment will be coupled with asymmetric and unconventional approaches in our physical security consulting services to develop the most effective and economic solution.

Tripwire Consulting is led by Rick Seger, a retired Senior Special Agent in the United States Secret Service. He also served as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps and as a Special Agent in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Subsequent to his retirement in 2012, he was an Operational Adviser with the U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group and a Team Leader in the U.S. Army Security Assistance and Training Management Organization in Beirut, Lebanon. He has extensive case agent experience in terrorism, protective intelligence, violent crime, and contraband manufacturing and trafficking investigations, which included service on drug, financial crimes, and terrorism task forces in the Washington/Baltimore area and in Iraq. In the area of special operations consulting, he also advised U.S. combat units in the application of law enforcement methods to counter-insurgency operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. In addition to his investigative experience, Seger was a member of the Presidential Protective Division, served on numerous advance teams and details for foreign Heads of State and other U.S. protectees, and was a member of the Secret Service Counter Assault Team (CAT), and the ATF Special Response Team (SRT). He held leadership positions on both tactical teams and instructed at the ATF SRT and Secret Service CAT Schools. He was the Program Manager for the CAT Training Section and was a field firearms instructor in the Baltimore Field Offices of the ATF and Secret Service. Seger received two major awards in his career; one from the military for his performance on the Iraqi Threat Finance Cell in Iraq, and another by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Baltimore for preserving the existence of a large company through his efforts as a co-case agent in an embezzling and money laundering investigation.

Executive Security Protection Services

  • Threat Assessment and Mitigation
  • Personal Protective Services
  • Communications Integrity
  • Travel Advisories
  • Site Surveys and Advances
  • Protective Intelligence

Corporate Physical Security Consulting

  • All Hazards Threat Mitigation
  • Technical/Operational Integration
  • Internal and External Theft/Fraud Investigations
  • Law Enforcement Liaison
  • Asset Protection and Recovery
  • Information Security
  • Work Place Violence Mitigation
  • Area Security Assessments
  • Site Security
  • Tactical Protection for High Risk Sites and/or Activities
  • Major Event Planning
  • Contingency Planning

Team Building/Leadership Exercises

  • Multi-Day Exercise at Camp High Order
  • Classes taught in:
    • Determination of the Situation/Overall Situational Awareness
    • Task Organization
    • Planning and Supervision
    • Execution of the Plan
    • Flexibility
    • Consolidation

Counter Assault Training/Advisory Assistance for Police

  • Weapons and Tactical Instruction for Patrol Officers
  • Planning, Training, and Equipment Considerations for Leaders
  • Immediate Action Drills, Training, and Planning Considerations for SWAT units
  • Planning and Pre-Positioning Concepts for Higher Risk Events or Elevated Threat Level
  • Consolidation and Rapid Site Exploitation
  • Technology Integration
  • IED, VBIED, and Homicide Vest Considerations

Tactical Airport Security Consulting

  • Organization and Planning
  • Countersurveillance
  • Perimeter Response
  • Counter Assault Principles
  • Consolidation and Rapid Site Exploitation
  • Contingency Plans for Relief in Place, FBI SWAT/HRT, etc.
  • Scalable and Flexible for Each Site

Persistent Protective Intelligence Operations at Airports

  • Training and Advisory Assistance by Retired Secret Service and FBI Agents and former TSA Supervisors
  • Process Intregrity
  • Personnel Integrity
  • Access Control
  • Tailored to Individual Sites

Human Intelligence Operations for Police

  • Presented by Police Intelligence Detectives, Federal Agents, and Others with Overseas and Other Pertinent Experience
  • Time and Scope Tailored at Client’s request

Human Intelligence Operations for Military Personnel

Threat Finance Operations