To register for the upcoming USBTA Manufacturers Technologies Training Expo, hosted by Tripwire Operations Group, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, November 14-16 – 2017, please complete the form below.

This 3-day training expo will expose active bomb technicians to the latest and greatest in community technologies, tools, and equipment. Through classroom instruction, laboratory processes, and a multitude of practical training scenarios designed to replicate real-world operations, technicians will be provided the opportunity to detect, x-ray, disrupt and/or dispose of simulated explosive hazards while using the latest cutting-edge products that attending industry leading manufacturers have to offer. Additionally, the bomb technicians of Tripwire Operations Group will be demonstrating the synthesis of peroxide-based improvised explosive formulations in their scientific lab. Produced product will be subjected to sensitivity testing (shock, heat, friction, static) to demonstrate the destructive power of such hazardous materials that may be encountered during the performance of a bomb technicians official duties.

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